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On November 8th, Chevrolet held a grand brand night event in Hefei. The two models debuted, respectively, the new 7-seat medium and large SUV model BLAZER pioneer and the brand's first domestic electric model MENLO patrol, let us go together Take a look. The new car basically continues the design of the overseas version, the front face uses a s..
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The most famous four advisers in history, Zhuge Liang did not appear on the list, the first one is not satisfied!Nike air max 90 Guo Jia, Guo Jia is 21 years younger than Cao Cao, but he seems to know Cao Cao's grand vision. When Cao Cao asked Guo Jia about the situation in the world, Guo Jia wrote a key point and suggested that Cao Cao shou..
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The 2018 that is about to pass is a year of inspiration and creativity for the trend of sports culture. The style and concept of the designer, the bold experiment of the young forces, the help of the fan economy, the cross-border of various luxury goods and fast fashion elements. Convergence... Everything makes the niche art of releasing personalit..
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The dress in the summer is absolutely super beautiful, not only the beautiful scenery, but also the full of cool atmosphere. For the little fairies, it also saves the trouble of how to match, so that your beauty is absolutely simple! However, if you really want to put the dress + high heels together to form the CP, it is really out, you must know t..
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In order to match the taste of sports and leisure, the choice of sports items is indispensable. For summer, the common items we use are sports shoes, sweatpants and sports t-shirts. Sports shoesNike Air Max 2020 The sneakers here refer to formal or casual styles, such as formal basketball shoes, running shoes, etc. Casual sneakers are sports ..
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In 1853, the German immigrants Henry engelhardt, Steinway (Henry Engelhard Steinway) in Manhattan Varick street of a small attic established the Steinway & Sons Steinway company. Over the next 30 years, Henry and his sons, Theodore (c. f. Theodore), Charles (Charles), Henry (Henry Jr.), William (William) and Albert (Albert) opened up a new era ..
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Guerlain brand ___ the renowned international brands, since founded more than 170 years, guerlain perfume more than 300 kinds of varieties. The most JiaoYan runway, the kingdom of sweet atmosphere a bit more than one hundred years, guerlain by her unique aristocratic temperament and quiet and tastefully laid out and romantic quality guarantee, laid..
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HR Rubinstein (Helena Rubinstein) is the l 'oreal group's top luxury cosmetic brand, is also one of the cornerstone of modern beauty industry brand. HR Rubinstein (Helena Rubinstein) strictly abide by the "strict, science, art, philosophy, female" brand connotation, at the same time, constant innovation, pioneered many bold style, and becom..
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Estee lauder and Joseph lauder estee lauder group was established in 1946, locates in the cosmetics industry leading position, production and marketing of high quality skin care, make-up, perfumes and hair care products, product sales more than 130 countries and regions throughout the world.Cheap Nikes Company has 22 well-known brands: Estee Laude..
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LANCOME belong to the world's largest cosmetics group L 'OREAL, 1935 by Amanda petit (those Petitjean) was founded in Paris, its name comes from France a castle in the middle of the Loire river card may think curtain castle (LANCOSME). Full of roses around castle, Petitjean love roses, that women like beauty of the flower has its stance and..
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